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One-On-One Coaching – 60 to 90-minute sessions


We believe that one-on-one coaching benefits everyone from NBA basketball players to your next door neighbor trying to grow herbs. We all need instruction, feedback and conversation to improve.

Book Bag Learning offers one-on-one coaching that includes a free first consultation, monthly or weekly 60-90 minute sessions, post-session notes via email, articles, books and other materials that might be helpful are included. We recommend a series of sessions to create consistent improvement over time.


Let’s chat and see what might work best of you and your needs.

Training – Half, Full and Multiple Day


Book Bag Learning believes that training needs to be directed towards the organization’s needs. We want to create training sessions that serve your organization now. Past topics include Conflict Resolution, How to Plan Successful Meetings, Leadership Style Identification, Mission Development, Management 101, and many others. Training sessions may be half or full day or over multiple days.  


Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help.

Group Facilitation and Professional Learning Communities – One Day Training or Long-Term Mentoring

Learning how to learn together is not simple. But, when dialog and relationships are established, individuals and organizations thrive with ideas, momentum, and motivation. We offer facilitation training, PLC coaching and long-term management of PLC groups. Each training and meeting includes materials that are tailored specifically to the needs of your organization. 


Let’s talk about what works for you.


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