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White Women Workshop: Embracing Courageous Action 


Facilitated by Patricia Hughes of Trillium Consulting and author of Gracious Space, and Marianne Picha of Book Bag Learning

Purpose: Educate and empower white women with tools to move toward courageous conversations and action on race 

Who Should Attend: Women leaders, managers, supervisors who identify as white and who seek personal and professional growth and tools for diversity, equity and inclusion.



  • Practice language and the ideas of anti-racism in a brave and Gracious Space  

  • Connect to a community of curious learners for your journey  

  • Increased grounding and understanding of white privilege 

  • Identify skills, tools and talents that you possess and put them to work for the values you hold  

  • Increased understanding of what activism means for you in this time of reflection and change 

  • Build confidence to participate in anti-racist work with agility 


White supremacy won’t die until white people see it as a white issue they need to solve,

rather than a black issue they need to empathize with.” 

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