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Book Bag Learning

I started Book Bag Learning because I was a school leader who, just like you,

experienced the challenges and joys of working in schools - and I needed help

I needed a coach and guidance, and I did not know where to turn. 


No matter how long you’ve worked in education or no matter how long you’ve been a teacher

or school leader, everyone needs support, encouragement and help.

That's why I want to help you.

Who is Book Bag Learning?

Marianne Picha, Owner and Coach


Marianne Picha has worked on all sides of independent schools. Ten years were spent in advancement (communications supporting admissions and development) in boarding and day schools, then she made a transition to the “core business” as a division head and assistant head for 16 years, Marianne has worked in several Northwest independent schools including Lakeside School, University Prep, Seattle Girls' School and Seattle Country Day School. Marianne grew up the fourth of five kids in a house where being fast on your feet and having a good sense of humor was the order of the day. Skills that still serve her today!

BBL Collaborators

Matt S for web.jpg

Matt Stenovec, Consulting Partner

Matt Stenovec currently serves as the Director of Enrollment Management at Seattle Country Day School. Formerly an MYP and PYP IB Coordinator, Matt has led IB workshops around the Pacific Northwest and formerly served as Deputy Director of the Northwest International Baccalaureate Association. Matt holds a Masters of Education in Private School Leadership from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and serves as board Vice President for DiscNW, the Puget Sound’s Ultimate Frisbee organization. Matt lives in Seattle with his wife, three girls, and black lab.

Alice Baggett, Consulting Partner

Alice has been a teacher for over two decades, working as a Teach for America educator in New Orleans and at The Open Window School and Seattle Country Day School in Seattle.  Now she’s excited to be the Director of Teaching and Learning at The Valley School in Seattle. Alice loves being an educator because stuff like this happens: one day she explained to a group of her second graders that as they went through the process of inventing they should expect both epic fails and spectacular discoveries.  “But Ms. Baggett,” one of her students interrupted, “How do you tell the difference between an epic fail and a spectacular discovery?”  Indeed!

Charlotte for web.jpg

Charlotte Gjedsted, Consulting Partner

Charlotte has been working in the classroom since 2010 and developing technology-integrated curriculum since 2013. She moved from San Francisco to Seattle in 2016 and built out the technology program at Hamlin Robinson School. In 2021, Charlotte returned to California to pursue her doctorate degree at USC and assume the role of Educational Technology Coordinator at Westmark School. A key presenter in our New North Star workshop, Charlotte is well versed in assistive technologies that benefit all students. She enjoys a good yoga class and a long walk with her dog, Milo, and her husband, Ben.

Tuney Kannapell, Founding Partner


Tuney Kannapell is a science teacher at heart. Over her 35-year career, she’s worked at Annie Wright Schools, and The Northwest School, as well as Frankfurt International School and Louisville Collegiate. A middle and upper school science teacher, grade level coordinator and division coordinator, coach, middle school director and assistant head of school, Tuney has a deep love of all that goes into making schools work well. 

Robert Kogane, Founding Partner


Robert Kogane is a veteran of both public and private schools, with experience that spans pre-K to 12th grade. A math teacher at the beginning of his career, Robert spent many years as a principal, administrator, and leadership coach in the Seattle School District. He then became the head of Giddens School in Seattle. 

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